Find out everything you need to know about our airsoft rental equipment.

Rental Equipment

If you're looking to rent all your gear from Skirmish Airsoft, then have a look around our action man below to find out exactly what you'll get. We provide you with your overall, gun and goggles to ensure you have everything you'll need to have an all out and action packed day with us.

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For the majority of games organised, individuals will turn up to play with their own weapons and uniforms and webbing etc. Please see site rules for further details on this. For those games that are booked as a team event or corporate day, full clothing and all equipment and weapons required will be supplied. Individual issue of weapons and equipment can be arranged via our booking office but have to be made in advance and paid for at time of booking – not on the day.

Our uniforms are all British DPM or latest issue MTP (Disruptive Pattern Material/Multi Terrain Pattern) Combat Smocks, with hoods, Combat trousers, bush hat and Assault vests. Weapons issued are mission specific per scenarios and events booked. These range from the very latest issue SOCOM (Special Operations Command) Gen III FN SCAR-L CQC, FN SCAR-L, SCAR-HB DX, to H&K G36C’s, Glock 17 pistol and the AEG MP5 SD6 for Close Quarter Combat and Hostage Rescue events. Personal Role Radios can also be supplied mission specific. All players must wear at all times protective goggles. Issued goggles are the full wrap around glasses type ‘Clear Protection Goggles’ (SKU: SP1203MA). You will look like mean soldier even if you have never worn a uniform before. Whether you can cut the metal is down to you on the day.